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About CBS

About CBS Medical Billing

CBS Medical Billing and Consulting, LLC is the professional resource you need to maintain and grow a healthy medical practice. Beyond Medical Billing Services, we deliver comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management and Practice Management Support that stimulates your revenue cycle, stabilizes your cash flow, ensures your compliance with ever-changing regulations, eliminates guesswork and enables you to focus on patients, not paperwork.

Drawing upon our expertise in the highly-regulated Orthotics and Prosthetics industry, our team specializes in solving complicated medical billing challenges for all types of medical practices.

Consistent with the vision of our founder and principal Erin Cammarata, our in-house, U.S.-based team of certified professionals works collaboratively from offices in Exeter and Portsmouth, NH to serve medical practices in more than 25 states nationwide. Our team is proud of the results we achieve for clients, including an industry-leading audit pass-rate of 99% for claims on which we have performed medical claim scrubbing.

As evidenced by our growing list of client testimonials, we serve as your business partner, providing you with consistent, real-time, off-site support from a dedicated leader and team members that operate as if they are your own employees.

Medical Billing Services

Medical Claims Remittance

Claims management requires consistent follow-up and follow-through to maintain a healthy accounts receivable status for your medical practice.


Compliance Audits

Let CBS protect you from the burdensome paperwork, costly fines, and embarrassment that can ensue when your accounting records, medical charts, or other documents are cited for non-compliance by your insurance provider.

Detailed Reporting

You’ll gain valuable insight into health of your medical practice with CBS’s detailed reporting, designed to provide you with a clear summary of key metrics so you can confidently make business decisions.

Weekly Account Review

A transparent approach is the cornerstone of your partnership with CBS Medical Billing and Consulting, LLC.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Billing and Collections Standards

Our experienced, certified team of CBS coders and billers are passionate about accelerating your revenue cycle, to enhance your bottom line.

Medical Claim Scrubbing

Our proactive claim scrubbing process ensures that your claims are thoroughly reviewed and “cleaned” for accuracy and compliance, before we submit them to Medicare for approval.


Prompt Claim Submission

In addition to proactive claim management, prompt claim submission and follow up are critical to the health of your medical practice.

Performance Management

Applying our proven system of comprehensive analysis, the CBS Team works to identify any practice performance deficiencies that can adversely affect your practice’s cash flow, costs and consistency.

Practice Management Support Services


You need accurate maintenance of your patients’ electronic records, and skilled administration of your medical billing and coding processes.

Billing and Coding Compliance

Regulatory compliance is vital to the overall health of your medical practice. Our in-house compliance experts spend their days keeping up with the rules, regulations, and ever-changing updates to Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances.

Practice Management Consulting

We partner with general and O&P medical practice clients to add overall value by consistently maximizing their performance and potential. By putting our experience to work for you, you can leverage our team’s expertise in all aspects of medical practice service and management to overcome the challenges that inhibit your firm’s growth and profitability.

Temporary Medical Billing Support

We understand the urgency of temporary or emergency needs, and we strive to accommodate unique situations. Common temporary or emergency situations that necessitate temporary medical billing support include: maternity leave coverage, coverage when another billing company quits, and coverage when a practice administrator quits.

Medical Practice Training and Staff Support

In addition to outside training and certification in medical billing and coding, the CBS Team undergoes rigorous in-house training and testing administered by firm Founder and Principal Erin Cammarata. This custom-developed, multi-week series of training modules includes specifics regarding state-of-the-art, professional administration of medical billing and coding services.

Our mission is to be your practice’s missing piece through our dedication to providing industry leading services in compliance, practice management and revenue cycle management. Our passion is to promote professional and personal success for our team members and clients.

Stacy and her team at CBS Billing took on a formidable project that took us almost a year to work through. They were thorough, professional, knowledgeable, and extremely kind. They communicated clearly and met with us regularly, providing reports both scheduled and ad hoc. We would recommend them without reservation!


“CBS has been providing amazing billing services to our company that have exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend them for any of your P&O billing needs.”


“CBS has been an asset to our company! They are very knowledgeable and made our billing process so much easier.”


“We met with the CBS staff at their Exeter, NH office. The team gave us some new industry insight and made several recommendations that were easy to implement and economical. At the conclusion of our meeting, Erin introduced us to rest of her staff at that location. Everyone was friendly and they seemed truly happy to be working there.”


“CBS is very knowledgeable and professional. I had the privilege of working with Ashley, Stacy and Erin. They work hard to scrub a claim and make sure it meets the criteria for medical necessity. They also have the experience to be capable of giving excellent recommendations for how to navigate denials.”


“I really enjoy using CBS for our Medical Billing with my company. The staff are very helpful. I know that Sydney works well with my front office staff and is able to answer their questions. I greatly appreciate the help and dedication from the staff at CBS Medical Billing to help our company continue to succeed. Thank you CBS for all your help!”


“Erin and Ashley have been great to work with. They are a part of our Premier family. Every time we talk with Erin she puts a smile on our face . We just love CBS and their staff. We would 110% recommend them.”


“We have been using CBS Billing for almost a year now, and I cannot express how thankful we are for their wonderful service. Since we opened our doors, they have been providing us with guidance and helping us grow every day. They answer all of our questions and they have managed our claims with timeliness, efficiency, and professionalism. Thank you for all you do for us on a daily basis, and for allowing us into your wonderful family.”


“The quality and service we receive from CBS is amazing! Every step of the process is made easier because the CBS team is extremely knowledgeable, very attentive, and incredibly effective at solving any problems as they occur. Even better: they catch things BEFORE they become problems! Not only are they great at what they do and pay attention to detail every step along the way, they are also easily accessible–it feels as though they are in-house, rather than half a country away.”


“CBS has been wonderful to our company. Honestly, I don’t know how I have functioned this long without them. CBS has been an asset to my claims, and I can’t thank them enough for the they have done. I have so much gratitude for what CBS has done for us.”