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CBS Testimonials

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They Are The Future of O&P, Today

I have been impressed with CBS from day one! They answer my calls, they solve my problems and they guide and support good business practices for my company. They are the right people for the job. They are the future of O&amp;amp;P, today!


CBS Is A True Partner In Our Success

As the CEO of a very busy and rapidly growing orthotics and prosthetics practice, I rely on CBS for virtually all of my company’s billing needs. CBS rewards my confidence in it nearly every day. Its professionals know both the industry and my business very well, and they are committed to precision and timeliness. On top of all this, they are a delight to work with: CBS’ people are as personable as they are professional. I appreciate CBS’ dedication to my business and consider it a true partner in our success!


A Pleasure to Work With

The folks at CBS have provided detailed statements on a timely basis, kept our billing process very organized, and are a pleasure to work with.


The Entire Team at CBS Has Truly Exceeded Our Expectations

Our company discovered CBS after hiring two other billing companies who fell desperately short of our high standards and expectations. In today's third party billing climate, it is imperative that a billing service is knowledgeable, competent and intimately familiar with the ever-changing landscape of current billing requirements. Erin, Ashley and the entire team at CBS have truly exceeded our expectations for fantastic communication, subject-matter expertise, and skill at getting claims paid in a compliant and timely fashion. At long last, we feel that our high standards for patient care are being matched and complemented by a billing service who shares a similar philosophy and work ethic


CBS Has Been Wonderful to Our Company

CBS has been wonderful to our company.  Honestly, I don’t know how I have functioned this long without them.  CBS has been an asset to my claims, and I can’t thank them enough for the they have done. I have so much gratitude for what CBS has done for us.


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