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Medical Claims Scrubbing

Claim scrubbing is a proactive process that ensures a claim is “cleaned” or thoroughly reviewed for accuracy and compliance, so it’s ready to submit for to Medicare for approval.

Claim Scrubbing Minimizes the Risk of Non-payment

The risk of not submitting a scrubbed claim is that the claim may be ‘kicked back’/rejected by the insurance company for a number of reasons, including improper coding, incomplete documentation, and more. This process adds to the time it takes you to get paid, and risks that you may never get paid for the claim.

The claim scrubbing process reviews the accuracy of key claim components such as:

  • Patient demographics
  • Procedure codes
  • Diagnostic codes
  • Insurance carrier information
  • Other details (modifiers, quantity, etc.)

Claim Follow up

The CBS Team follows up on each claim every 15 days, until the claim is paid. This ensures that all your claims maintain an active status, so you don’t lose time and wait longer to get paid due to re-submitting a claim that is classified as inactive.