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Medical Billing and Collections Standards

As a full-service medical billing company, CBS Medical Billing and Consulting, LLC supports your medical practice with experienced, certified coders and billers who are passionate about solving your revenue cycle related challenges.

The CBS Team sets high standards for ourselves, and we have earned our position as an industry leader, achieving results well above industry average for our clients, in support of their healthy medical practices.

Our Team’s primary objective is to accelerate your revenue cycle, to increase your bottom line. We consistently accomplish this goal by strictly adhering to our outstanding in-house-developed process of CBS Billing and Collections Standards.

CBS Billing & Collections Standards – A proven process to Streamline Medical Billing and Accelerate Collections

The CBS Team follows this rigorous, proven process to accelerate your revenue cycle:

  • All claims are billed within 24 hours
  • All “clean” claims that are sent to bill are submitted to the appropriate insurance company within 24 hours of receiving the notification to bill
  • Once a claim is submitted, CBS follows up on it every 15 days until the claim is paid. Each time the claim is called on or researched, the patient’s billing chart is noted. This process serves to maintain all claims in an active status.

Payment Posting Standards

All payments are posted within 24 hours of receiving notice of payment. CBS handles any and all balance billing, whether to an insurance company or a patient.

Work to Resolve any Denial or Audits

If a claim is denied, CBS researches and works with the insurer to obtain payment for the claim. CBS also manages any pre- or post-payment audits. CBS handles any and all balance billing, whether to an insurance company or a patient.

Weekly Account Review Calls

At CBS, our track record of successful medical billing and collections is the result of consistent communication in support of the health and profitability of your medical practice. We offer you a choice of monthly or bi-monthly conference calls to review your Accounts Receivable, and to address any hot topics. This consistent communication enables CBS to partner with you to address issues before they can negatively impact your business, revenue cycle, or bottom line.

Itemized Monthly Billing

Clients of CBS Medical Billing and Consulting, LLC never endure the burden of “decoding” complicated monthly invoices! CBS will send you a simple, understandable monthly invoice that outlines each patient for whom monies were received, the date of service, and the insurance company.