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January 01, 2018

The O&P Edge: Your Clients Are Looking At Reviews, Are You?

Based on a 2016 Nielsen study, more than 80 percent of Americans seek recommendations when making a purchase of any kind. Aren't you more likely to choose a restaurant that has five stars than one that has one star or has no web presence at all? Why should it be any different for people choosing a medical provider?

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November 01, 2017

The O&P Edge: Avoidable Claim Rejections and Denials

Whether your claim is rejected or denied the result is the same; you are not getting paid. So let's review some common avoidable mistakes.

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September 01, 2017

The O&P Edge: The Right Employees In The Wrong Positions

Do you have good employees who are not performing at the level you expect? Have you described an employee as dependable, smart, and motivated, but found that the employee did not excel in his or her job? Have you ever thought that maybe it was not the employee but the position that was the problem?

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August 03, 2017

Portsmouth Herald: CBS Expands Into Portsmouth, NH

The ever-changing landscape of health care has not only fueled recent growth of CBS Medical Billing & Consulting, it has presented the company with the additional challenge of keeping current with rapidly evolving health care policies. From billing and collection to Medicare and compliance, CBS calls itself the “missing piece” for medical practices looking for a navigator around the rocky shoals of national health policies often complicated by partisan politics. It provides full service practice management and medical billing and compliance services for health care providers.

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July 01, 2017

The O&P Edge: We Must Be the Experts

I woke up with great expectations, excited to see some long-time friends from the profession, obtain clarification on billing and coding questions that come up in the office, and meet some new people. I was attending a full-day Medicare seminar on durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS), and I walked away with an article topic.

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