Your Practice's Missing Piece

Medical Practice Training and Staff Support

The CBS Team Receives Rigorous In-house Training for Medical Billing and Coding

Outside billing school provides a great overview of medical billing and coding, but members of the CBS Medical Billing and Consulting Team undergo a rigorous in-house training and testing process that is personally administered by the firm’s founder and principal, Erin Cammarata.

Erin’s custom-developed, multi-week series of training modules includes key specifics regarding state-of-the-art, professional administration of medical billing and coding services. Since this level of training is not offered through standard outside programs that typically only provide an overview of medical billing and coding, you can be assured that CBS Team members are well-equipped to provide you with consistent professional service and positive results.

A Win-Win Philosophy of Support for Your Medical Practice

As a company, we value investing in our people to help them reach their full potential, since we believe that it creates dedicated leaders who strive to treat your business as if it were their own. In addition to our thorough in-house training process, our team also participates in continuing education courses throughout the country to ensure that we maintain our industry-leading support.

Your Practice’s Missing Piece

Our Team’s mission is to serve as your practice’s missing piece. We strive to enable you and your team to focus on what you do best, while we focus on delivering the support you need to maintain a healthy, compliant, profitable practice.

Medical Practice Training and Staff Support Frequently Asked Questions

Will CBS train my current staff?

Yes, another service we offer is training of your staff on current collections and billing policies.