Your Practice's Missing Piece

Billing and Coding Compliance

In today’s high-regulated medical industry, the exacting standards set by regulatory agencies puts your practice’s medical billing and coding compliance constantly at risk of non-compliance.

Navigating the myriad rules and regulations surrounding Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances is an ever-increasing challenge. Changes and updates occur often, and it is difficult for medical practices to keep up and maintain their compliance. Left un-checked, miscoding errors can prevent large claim from being paid, or even worse, provoke an audit.

The damaging effects of non-compliant medical billing and coding practices

Some of the most damaging effects of non-compliant medical billing and coding practices are:

  • Trigger a full audit of your medical practice
  • Loss of time and revenue
  • Loss of key insurance contracts

Compliance is vitally important to the overall health of your medical practice. Don’t set yourself up for the devastating effects of lost profitability, a tarnished reputation, and more.

To maintain consistent medical billing and coding compliance for your practice, simply partner with our team at CBS Medical Billing and Consulting, LLC. Our highly-trained professionals regularly participate in continuing education seminars and study Medicare updates, to ensure that they maintain a current working knowledge of each regulation and the various nuances.

As a full-service medical billing company, we focus our full attention on increasing your bottom line and maintaining outstanding billing standards. We enable you to avoid the costly, burdensome risks of non-compliance with medical billing and coding rules and regulations.

Let our proactive, personable CBS team focus their expertise to help maintain your practice’s health – while you focus your expertise on helping to maintain your patients’ health.