Your Practice's Missing Piece

Weekly Account Review

Our CBS Medical Billing and Consulting team’s successful track record of medical billing, compliance, and collections demonstrates that consistent collaboration and communication with our client partners is the key to successful medical practice management.

Our Transparent Approach Supports Your Success

We believe that a transparent approach is imperative to maintaining successful client partnerships. We work with you to apprise you of where your money is, and why. Your dedicated account manager hosts regular conference calls with you to review your account, or to discuss outstanding topics.

This call also serves as a regular opportunity to address any hot topics and address minor issues before they become major ones that could negatively impact the health of your practice.

Unique to CBS: Weekly Account Review

CBS strongly encourages our clients to take advantage of our Weekly Account Review Call – a unique feature of our comprehensive medical billing service. Regularly scheduled calls between your dedicated CBS account manager and your internal office representative will ensure clear and consistent communication, to promote best-practices and maintain your profitability.

During a weekly account review call, we review your accounts receivable, collections, patient management, and compliance. We also review as-needed specifics such as the history and cause of any denied claim, as a valuable learning tool for your practice.

This consistent communication enables CBS to partner with you and address issues before they can negatively impact your business, revenue cycle, or bottom line.