Your Practice's Missing Piece

Detailed Reporting

CBS will help you to quickly and easily gain valuable insight into health of your business by generating detailed reports that summarize the key metrics of your medical practice. These include quarterly and annual reports that outline your sales, cash in, and outstanding accounts receivable.

These reports are designed to provide you with an easy-to-understand snapshot of key business indicators, and enable you to confidently make business decisions that affect the future of your medical practice.

In addition to the quarterly and annual reports that we generate on your behalf, your dedicated CBS consultant will advise you regarding a number of other specific reports that we can customize based on your needs, to help you examine and evaluate specific factors about your medical practice.

Transparent and Accurate Support and Reporting

Our CBS Team’s goal is to ensure that any work we perform on your behalf -- particularly in the area of detailed reporting -- is completely transparent and accurate. You always know where your money is, and why. We work to ensure that your records are well-documented, correctly coded, and appropriately submitted, to streamline your accounts receivable and strengthen the health of your medical practice.

In fact, your dedicated CBS medical billing and reporting consultant is so motivated to achieve results for you, that he or she will measure and establish a baseline for your medical practice reporting, and then report to you on a regular basis how CBS’s work on your behalf has generated positive results for your practice.

The CBS Quarterly Report Card

Our team of CBS medical billing consultants works to ensure the compliance of every claim we submit. We measure our effectiveness using a practice management tool we prepare for each client that we call the CBS Report Card. This document, produced quarterly, includes the pass/fail rate of the claims we submit on our clients’ behalf. For claims on which we have performed claim scrubbing, we consistently earn a 98% audit pass rate. This efficient, streamlined support results in faster payment of claims.

The quarterly report we can prepare for you also includes key medical practice metrics, including:

  • Average number of days for a claim to process
  • Average cash-in per month
  • Average number of claims submitted per month
  • Percentage of claims over 90 days old
  • Current Accounts Receivable

Reporting of Accounts Receivable (A/R)

The Accounts Receivable report organizes your medical practice’s billed claims based on the number of days they have been outstanding (unpaid). The A/R report will also help identify any potential issues or identify any “bottlenecks” in your cash flow.

Your dedicated CBS consultant will keep you fully apprised of the status of your accounts receivable, via an account review call we provide in accordance with your frequency preference, such as weekly or bi-monthly.