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Medical Claims Remittance

A Proven Process for Claims Management
For a busy modern healthcare practice, working through the laborious process of claim management is an enormous daily challenge. It requires consistent follow-up and follow-through to maintain a healthy accounts receivable status for your medical practice.

CBS Medical Billing and Consulting, LLC has developed a proven process for successful claims management. We follow up on claims every 15 days, keeping them in an active status up until they are approved and successfully paid.

Our Follow-up Protects Your Medical Practice from Unnecessary Revenue Loss

Sometimes, while auditing a new partner’s Accounts Receivable, our CBS Team uncovers numerous unpaid claims over 120 days old. We research each claim to determine if it can be collected instead of written off, thus protecting your firm from unnecessary loss of valuable revenue.

We Serve as Mediator to Efficiently Collect What You Have Earned

We understand and respect that the healthcare industry often appeals to compassionate people whose focus is more inclined toward patient care than accounts receivable. The CBS Team is ready and able to serve as a mediator between healthcare professionals and their patients to quickly and efficiently collect outstanding balances owed to the practice.

Electronic Billing and Claims Remittance

To ensure that you receive payment from medical claims in the timeliest and most efficient manner, CBS will unlock the full potential of your own medical billing software or we can use our own in-house medical billing software. Insurance payments are generated through electronic remittance, and uploaded into the patient’s medical billing record.

Medical Claims Remittance Frequently Asked Questions

Do you assist with obtaining new contracts with insurance carriers?
Yes, we can help you apply for new contracts and manage your existing ones.

What is your claims follow-up process?
CBS follows up on each claim every 15 days, until the claim is paid. This ensures that all your claims remain in an active status, to minimize the time it takes for you to receive payment on each claim.

What is your success rate with prepayment audits?
For claims on which we have performed compliance scrubs, CBS consistently achieves an outstanding 98% audit pass rate.