Your Practice's Missing Piece

Frequently Asked Questions

CBS Medical Billing and Consulting Services LLC is your full-service partner, providing customized practice management and medical billing and compliance services that support your healthcare practice.

Our successful support of a variety of sizes and types of medical practices, including those in the highly-regulated Orthotics and Prosthetics industry, is your assurance that CBS can solve your complicated medical billing and revenue cycle challenges, while stimulating and stabilizing your cash flow.

Below you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions.

What if I do not have my own medical billing software system?
CBS uses a web-based medical billing software system to manage all your billing needs.

Will CBS train my current staff?
Yes, a service we offer is training your staff on current collections and billing policies.

Will CBS do my insurance verifications and authorization?
Yes. We are a full-service billing and collections firm, completely trained on all aspects of medical billing including authorizations and verifications. We will customize our services to meet your needs.

Can you work my old Accounts Receivable?
Yes, we will analyze your old accounts receivable, determine which claims can be collected, and get to work on collecting your money.

Will CBS collect my patient balances?
CBS will collect any balance that is owed to your company, including patient balances.

Do you have contracts of your own?
CBS has no Medicare or private insurance contracts.

Do you assist with obtaining new contracts with insurance carriers?
Yes, we can help you apply for new contracts and manage your existing ones.

What is your success rate with prepayment audits?
For claims on which we have performed compliance scrubs, CBS has an outstanding 98% audit-pass rate.

What is your claims follow-up process?
CBS follows up on each claim every 15 days, until the claim is paid. This ensures that all your claims are in an active status.