Your Practice's Missing Piece

Your Practice's Missing Pieces

CBS Medical Billing and Consulting, LLC provides full-service practice management and medical billing and compliance services for healthcare practices. Drawing upon the firm’s deep experience in the highly-regulated Orthotics and Prosthetics industry, CBS specializes in solving complicated medical billing and revenue cycle challenges, to stabilize and stimulate cash flow and profitability for all types of medical practices throughout the U.S.

The inception of CBS stemmed from founder Erin Cammarata’s foresight of the great need for collaboration between a medical practice and its medical billing team. Historically, medical billing has been an industry of seemingly nameless and faceless data entry administrators who take little interest in your company’s success or profitability.

Your Trusted Partner & Team Member

With CBS, you gain a business partner that understands the parameters and pitfalls of running a medical practice. Our well-rounded experience with both the technical and administrative aspects of practice management is just one valuable advantage that CBS brings to your team. Unlike firms that simply process your medical billing needs, CBS provides you with a dedicated leader and team members that operate as if they are your own employees.

Beyond Ordinary Outsourcing

Navigating the ever-changing protocols and policies governing all aspects of healthcare is a full-time job. Outsourcing your medical billing and compliance to CBS relieves your practice of this burden. We take pride in solving your complicated medical billing issues, and enabling you to focus on your core mission of serving patients. Our experienced team of consultants will help you establish results-driven business practices that improve your profitability and maintain your credibility with patients, staff, and insurance providers.

A Win-Win Philosophy of Support for Your Medical Practice

As a company, we believe that investing in our people and helping them to reach their full potential creates leaders who will treat your business as if it were their own. Our team participates in continuing education courses throughout the country to ensure that we maintain our industry-leading support.

Deep Roots in the Highly-Regulated Orthotics and Prosthetics Industry

Our deep roots and demonstrated success in the highly regulated and specialized Orthotics and Prosthetics industry ensures our ability to fully support all types and sizes of medical practices. Our Team’s multiple years of combined experience are your assurance that we will successfully navigate your complicated medical billing and compliance issues, and consistently generate cash flow from your unpaid claims.

Proven Performance

In addition to supporting your back-end billing and accounts receivable, we ensure front-end success by obtaining authorizations and verifications. We also offer compliance scrubs on every claim prior to Medicare submission. This diligence has earned our team of CBS Medical Billing consultants an industry-leading audit pass-rate of 98 percent for claims on which we have performed compliance scrubs.

Consistent, Real-Time, Off-site Support

Working off-site, our team doesn’t require the use of your valuable office space. We remotely access your practice’s software system in real time to manage your medical billing, and we offer weekly conference calls to review your accounts receivable, address any issues, and ensure open communication.

Custom Support for You and Your Team

When you partner with CBS, we work with you to discuss your goals and concerns, and learn what your staff and patients are experiencing. Based on your input and our deep experience, we then create an action plan that outlines the best practices for your clinic, and the training we will implement for your team.

Your Peace of Mind is Just the Beginning

We know how to maintain and grow a healthy medical practice, and we’re eager to support yours.

We Are Your Practice's Missing Piece

Partner with CBS, and you will benefit from:

  • One Source for All the Services You Need
    Practice Management, Medical Billing & Compliance
  • In-house Trained, Certified Billing & Coding Consultants
    For consistent support & results
  • Consistent Compliance with Medicare Policies
    Saves time and ensures your peace of mind
  • Quality Accounts Receivable Services
    Stimulates your revenue cycle & stabilizes cash flow
  • Pre-auditing & Claims Scrubbing
    Ensures that your claims are ready for Medicare review
  • Customized, Detailed Quarterly Reporting
    Keeps you informed about the health of your practice
  • Detailed Monthly Invoicing
    Ensures that you know exactly what you pay CBS, and why
  • Weekly Conference Calls
    Eliminates guesswork & promotes open communication
  • Convenient Customer Service
    Respects your busy schedule: Mon-Thurs: 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.; Fri: 7:30 a.m. -5:00 p.m.